Throughout my career, I’ve grown and excelled in the creative marketing arena. As a multi-faceted Art Director, I’ve brought my unique insights and skills to both consumer and business messages on The Boeing Company, EMC, Nike, Kraft, Captain Morganʼs, Lemonhead, Ciba Vision, VeeV, and Motorola. Making GREAT creative that adheres to brand strategy and leaves clients in awe, is what I do. As a result of my experiences and diverse skills, I do not consider myself to be your average Art Director.

I have, in fact, become a GREAT creative that helps grow bottom lines.

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Unlike most art directors and designers, I was never very fond of art. I was more interested in making a submarine for the science fair or creating a battle scene between He-Man and some Transformers. From there, making movies with the family VHS camcorder became a priority. Well, that and scratching records on a junky belt-drive turntable. I went on to be a self-taught turntablist and guitarist…a few interests to satisfy my creative itch at the time.

Since I’ve always been creative and never developed an artistic style, I am able to tackle projects with a fresh approach each and every time.

I’m a volunteer karate instructor for a youth karate class.